The visual representation of your Scriptor site is determined by its associated Theme, which can be located in the /site/themes/ directory. Scriptor CMS comes with a default theme called basic, which consists of file bundles defining the visual and functional elements of your site. These bundles encompass various components, ranging from simple HTML files to complete PHP applications. Typically, these bundles include the following:

1. template.php The common entry point
2. css Folder containing design files for your site (optional)
3. scripts Folder containing JavaScript files (optional)
4. img or images Folder containing images (optional)
5. _ext.php File to prepend to the template file during page rendering (optional)

Installing a New Theme

  • Copy the folder of your new theme into the site/themes/ directory.
  • Add the name of your new theme folder to your custom.scriptor-config.php file.

Note: The name of the theme folder should not contain special characters or spaces, except hyphens and underscores.

Creating Your Own Theme

One of the advantages of Scriptor is its ease in creating custom themes using static HTML. The tutorial provides guidance on crafting your own theme for Scriptor.