The Scriptor pages represent the hierarchical page tree and are the fundamental building blocks of your site. They also hold content in the Scriptor system. The pages generally always have the same type, but can be easily extended in several ways, more on this later.

Page Attributes

Scriptor page attributes are attributes that provide additional information about each page. All pages contain the same page attributes. Page attributes are not dynamic and therefore cannot be extended:

  • categoryid
  • id
  • name
  • label
  • position
  • active
  • created
  • updated

Page Fields

Default page fields in Scriptor are where the content is stored. Each field can be one of many that store the content of a page and its output. Page fields are dynamic and can be extended as requested. Scriptor pages typically contain the following fields:

  • slug
  • parent
  • pagetype
  • content
  • images
  • template