You do not need to worry about starting the debugger, debugging is set to ON by default in Scriptor. Debug mode causes additional info to appear for use during dev and debugging. To turn OFF debugging, set the value of the $config->debug variable in /data/settings/custom.config.php file to false. Do not leave this set at true with a live site.

Note: The file custom.config.php is different from the custom.scriptor-config.php, which is also located in the same directory! The custom.config.php is a separate file that contains configuration settings for ItemManager and is used to override the configurations of the imanager/inc/config.php.

Also note that the custom.config.php file may not exist in your installation. If that is the case, create a new file with that name and add the variable there. Your /data/settings/custom.config.php file might look like this:

<?php defined('IS_IM') or die('you cannot load this page directly.');
 * Turn ON/OFF debug mode
$config->debug = false;

You may, incidentally, also overwrite any other configuration parameters. Just copy the variable you want to overwrite from /imanager/inc/config.php file into the file you created and change its value.