Scriptor 1.5.0

– With the minor version 3.5 I made some interesting improvements in core and implemented a new default template called Basic. Also, a new menu_title field has been added, which now provides another way to make the site navigation more user-friendly.

– The Dashboard module have been completely removed.

– At least PHP 8 is required, support for PHP 7.* has been dropped.

– Markup cache control in frontend was modified.

Scriptor 1.4.10

– On those days I added a new hookable method editor::afterExecute() in addition to some minor design updates.

– Additionally, a new IM version 3.1.7 has been released.

– Maybe you also like the change in editor look?

Scriptor 1.4.9

– I'm very happy to say that with v1.4.9, Scriptor no longer depends on Font Awesome. From now on I use (sparingly) the following library:

– I've dropped support for Internet Explorer

– Several design adjustments have been done (editor).

– Images including logos and banners were replaced.

Scriptor 1.4.8

– Fixed Scriptor\Profile properties

– Shared configuration parameters PHP and Javascript

– Minimal styles adjustments (editor).

Scriptor 1.4.7

– This Scriptor update provides some code quality improvements. In particular, an issue with returning a value to the hookable function was fixed, which was especially noticeable when executing multiple hooking functions on a single hookable method.

– Minimal .htaccess adjustments.

Scriptor 1.4.6

– As of core version 1.4.6 of Scriptor, there is now the ability to hook into the Editor methods. This opens up completely new capabilities for web developers who want to extend the behavior of certain Editor functions or add new functionality very comfortably. (› More Info ...)[.../documentation/hooks/]

Scriptor 1.4.5

– In Scriptor 1.4.5 I have made some important upgrades and additions to the fields defined as default. This introduces a new field type ImageUpload, which is now included in the core by default.

It is now no longer necessary to upload the images via FTP or use a URL to display them in your content. A new content placeholder [[IMAGES_URL]] has been added, which now allows us to include images uploaded with new ImageUpload field in content using simple syntax e.g:

![My Image]([[IMAGES_URL]]my-image-name.png) ...

– ItemManager has also been upgraded to version 3.1.6 where some changes have been made and the old known bugs have been fixed.

– CSS adjustments were also made and Helvetica New was replaced as default font for frontend (included theme) and backend.