The way your Scriptor site looks is controlled by the Theme. You can find your website theme in /site/themes/ directory. Scriptor CMS comes with a default theme named basic. The Scriptor theme consists of file bundles that define the appearance and functionality of a website by providing the HTML, CSS and scripts for your website. These bundles files can be as simple as a plain HTML or as complex as an entire PHP application. The bundles usually contain:

1. template.php The common entry point
2. css Folder with files for the design of your site (optional)
3. scripts Folder with JavaScript files (optional)
4. img or images Folder with the images (optional)
5. _ext.php File to prepend to template file during page render (optional)

Installing a new theme

  • Copy your new theme folder into the site/themes/ directory.
  • Add the name of your new theme folder to your custom.scriptor-config.php file.

Note: The name of the theme folder should not contain special characters or spaces, except hyphens and underscores.

Create your own theme

One of the Scriptor's advantages is that it is easy to create your own theme from static HTML. This tutorial shows you how to create your own theme for Scriptor.