Scriptor is a simple, fast and flexible flat-file CMS built around the ItemManager.

Since ItemManager's API is so incredibly intuitive, the learning curve is accordingly flat. For a beginner it may help, but not necessarily to go through the documentation to get familiar with the basics of the library.

What is it suitable for?

In short, Scriptor is ideally suited for small and quickly realizable web applications, documentations, tutorials, step-by-step guides etc.

There are already countless wonderful tools for creating large and complex projects, such as frameworks or mature CMF systems. The other day I was looking for a small but versatile tool to build mini web projects (I love little projects. Most of the time you develop small stuff, even if this is just some tools, functions, small websites, landing pages or the combinations of these). The few tools I found were either much too huge or not flexible enough to meet my needs. So I decided to build a new one to be able to use it for small-sized projects.

My requirements were as follows:

  • Lightweight (about 10MB)
  • Not crammed with third party libraries (minimal dependency)
  • Ready for use after unpacking
  • An optional, minimal and configurable user interface

The ItemManager library already met most of the requirements, but it didn't provide a user interface. So I decided to use the ItemManager I had built into the core of the application with a minimal user interface, and so Scriptor was born.

Note, if you go a little deeper into the Scriptor and the related ItemManager API, you will find that there is very little that Scriptor cannot achieve.

Check it out and let me know what you think.